Marketing, Sales & Pricing

OC&C Marketing & Sales practice is focused on the big issues that CMOs worldwide are working on, in particular these cluster into the following important areas where we support our clients to:

  • Gear-up the Marketing organisation to execute across digital channels
  • Understand the value of big data and how to access it
  • Design and embed customer segmentation approaches that enable more relevant customer propositions
  • Launch new mechanics to engender customer loyalty
  • Understand the returns on your marketing activity and enable clients to make higher return decisions
  • Optimise marketing processes, whether it is sales force productivity or direct marketing campaign execution

We believe great marketing begins with a genuinely advantaged and robust insight into our client’s customers – whether they are individuals or businesses. We anchor our solutions on unparalleled insight into customers and deploy a range of advanced customer research techniques – from qualitative techniques such as web community panels and accompanied shops to highly quantitative techniques that require precise mining of large data sets, to deliver clients with thoughtful insight.