Join OC&C

OC&C Strategy Consultants offer the opportunity to operate at the highest level, tacking the most crucial strategic challenges.

We work in small teams. So from day one you will be in direct contact with partners and with senior level clients, and expected to begin making a real contribution.   Join OC&C, and you will be part of a group that views you not just as an employee, but as a potential owner and Manager. Right from the outset, you will be helping to tackle the most complex, the most challenging, the most interesting problems. Real headline grabbers.

At every stage of your career you will find yourself operating at substantially higher levels in client organisations than your age would suggest. We will match your commitment to us with all the encouragement and support you need to develop and maximise your potential.  OC&C's focus on coaching and training is virtually unparalleled.   You will be expected to take on very responsible roles early on, and every milestone you pass will be just the first step on your progress to the next.

OC&C is a truly international firm. Join any local office and you are embarking on a global career. We expect all our people to be ready to work overseas, though the degree to which that happens depends on your performance and preferences. International assignments can take a number of forms. You may work on a project involving several OC&C offices, or one for another OC&C office or an overseas client. You may even find yourself asked to transfer to another OC&C office, altogether or for a 6 month 'Ambassadorship', depending on your performance and their needs. 

Join OC&C and you are joining, quite literally, the world of strategy consulting.