Associate Partners stand for election to Partner. Election marks you out as a full member of the international OC&C Partnership: one of the 50 or so men and women who own and govern the firm.

A Partner is first and foremost a confidant and adviser to our clients. He or she develops and maintains relationships of professional and personal respect and trust with leaders across the full spectrum of the world's industries and institutions. Our clients want to build, compete and win; we do everything in our professional power to help them.

As an OC&C Partner, you will by definition be an accomplished, all-round consultant and Manager, with extensive expertise and experience both functionally and in specific sectors. This expertise you constantly deploy and develop, through intense dialogue with clients and by being closely involved with your teams' development of solutions, and your own development of intellectual content.

As a co-owner of our firm, you'll also be responsible for contributing fully to its ongoing development and growth. Whether in terms of intellectual capital, client networks, people, or capabilities and international footprint (most likely a bit of each), an OC&C Partner is driven to put maximum effort into jointly building the business. We fully support our Partners' development into strong individuals, leaders with their own distinctive profile, yet dedicated to contributing fully to the continuous development of our close-knit international partner group.

Achieving partnership may be thought by some to constitute reaching the pinnacle. At OC&C, however, we regard it as merely one more stage in an ongoing process of development that will see you continue to improve your skills - as a professional, as an adviser, as an entrepreneur and as a coach - for as long as you remain a part of the firm.