Meet our members

Meet the ECSD network members helping us to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. Learn more about their experience and advice for those seeking to join OC&C.

"OC&C encourages each of us to shape the culture of the organisation by bringing our own unique perspectives and experiences not just to our work, but also to the life of the firm” Jimi, Consultant

Sohini Pramanick

"Don’t bother elsewhere! This is where the cool, kind and super-smart kids are"

Luke Tripp

"Don’t underestimate the importance of extracurricular activities in your application. OC&C will be looking for excellent academics and good work experience. But they also want to hire well rounded individuals, those that have taken on interesting and impressive roles outside of academics and work, so make sure you demonstrate this in your application"

Jian Hong Lim

"I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore before coming to the UK for university in 2015. I majored in information engineering but eventually opted for a more client-facing career as a consultant"

Fahim-Uz Zaman

"Previously worked at BlackRock Investment Management, providing first and second line support to Europe, Middle East and Africa, from analysts to Managing Directors"

Clare Zhou

"The best part of OC&C is getting to know the people – everyone has had a large variety of experiences before joining and it’s great to be able to socialise with them through the firm-wide events"

Eaad Fara

"Don’t limit your potential! The world is your oyster, and the things you haven’t even thought of doing yet are the most exciting!"

Mohsin Gandhi

"The most important thing to demonstrate in your interview is your ability to think through things logically and show yourself to be coachable and personable!"

Porsche Stewart

"OC&C is a vibrant, buzzing and current place to be with a culture that embraces differences. So just be yourself!"

Priyanka Nankani

"I did PPE at university and graduated in 2019. I spent the time in between graduating and starting at OC&C doing an internship at the Refugee Agency of the UN and travelling around the UK (as Covid made going abroad too difficult"

Misan Bolorunfe

"Apply! Try as much as possible to be your genuine and authentic self. Spend time practicing cases and be comfortable and confident when giving answers"

Suhayb Ahmed

"The experience of working on hugely diverse projects in completely different industries is one of my favourite things about OC&C. Each new project carries new opportunities to learn – often in spaces you have not really thought about before!"

Eric Stutz

"Take lots of risks and do more things that are challenging even if you might fail. You’ll find that these are the experiences you most cherish"

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