Bens de Consumo

Somos um time de, em primeiro lugar, pessoas e, em segundo lugar, consultores; construimos relações com induvíduos em todo o espectro de bens de consumo – de fabricantes insurgentes ou marcas inovadoras de consumo a líderes mundiais consolidados que buscam reestruturar a indústria.

Nosso conhecimento profundo adquirido trabalhando com produtores e fabricantes em um extremo do espectro e com varejistas e operadores de lazer no outro nos concede uma perspectiva única de como impulsionar mudanças radicais de crescimento e performance.

A combinação de nossa experiência, paixão e compromisso pessoal nos permite construir parcerias de sucesso com nossos clientes para executar mudanças decisivas em um conjunto de questões críticas tão variadas quanto os produtos do setor:

  • Crescimento e posicionamento competitivo do negócio
  • Estratégias de branding e marketing
  • Maximização do potencial de private label
  • Aproveitamento do potencial de tecnologias digitais em marketing e vendas
  • Expansão de canais e geografia
  • Planejamento de mercado e estratégia de canais
  • Revisão de funções comerciais e efetividade da força de vendas
  • Maximização de valor de relações comerciais entre o atacado e o varejo incluindo gestão de categorias e acordos comerciais
  • Aquisição, avaliação de sinergias, integração e desinvestimento
  • Organização estratégica e mudanças
Nossa experiência e compromisso pessoal com clientes – sejam eles iniciantes ambiciosos e famintos ou líderes mundiais consolidados – orientam nosso trabalho em questões críticas

Nosso pensamento

sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2021

Four sustainability myths: are they holding your business back?

The Covid-19 crisis has elevated the importance of sustainability, but we must banish old thinking to build back better, writes Deidre Sorensen

quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2020

It's the uncertainty not the hardship that's so difficult

It's hard to find the right hyperbole to describe these extraordinary times that we find ourselves in. Today more than a quarter of the world's population are operating under lockdown with this number continuing to escalate rapidly

terça-feira, 24 de março de 2020

The meat of the matter

It’s no secret that in the past few years the meat free industry has experienced a huge boom as consumer attitudes have continued to drive increased demand for meat substitutes and meat free products

quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2020

Meat substitutes

The rapid rise of meat substitutes has all the hallmarks of a classic market bubble – lots of new entrants trying to cash in on the gold rush, a wide range of competing (often as yet unproven) technologies vying for recognition and investment – and huge hype

quarta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2019

How to become profitable in China - a lesson from a food delivery app

China has seen fast growing consumer start-ups with surging numbers of users getting to IPO/capital market very quickly, Luckin Coffee being a recent example. However very few of these start-ups are profitable and there is a question whether they can ever become so

quarta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2019

Transform or bust

FMCG market leaders cannot tweak their way out of revenue tight spots

segunda-feira, 7 de outubro de 2019

Economic fog - OC&C Food & Drink Top 150 2019

Our latest Top 150 report, produced in partnership with The Grocer, shows the UK food and drink industry under pressure

quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2019

The economic fog

As currency-driven input inflation and rising labour costs continue to squeeze margins, the prolonged run-up to Brexit is weighing heavily on food and soft drink producers

quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2019

Reaping the reward of growing China domestic consumption

China just reported 6.2% quarterly economic growth -- the slowest in the past three decades. Domestic consumption continues to be an important growth driver for China - June retail sales reached 9.8% - better than many expected

sábado, 6 de julho de 2019

Reaping the rewards

The Global 50 report is our annual snapshot of the world’s 50 largest FMCG businesses. Now in its 17th year, it is the go-to source for the statistics and big themes that shape the sector

terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2019

Eastern promise

Together with Coca-Cola, Chinese dairy group Mengniu will be sponsoring the Olympics between 2021 and 2032, under a combined $3bn sponsorship deal

quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2019

Binning the packaging problem

From Planet Earth imagery of sea turtles, to dire UN reports on climate change, the pressure on consumer companies to drive industry change in packaging has been rising relentlessly

terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2019

Getting a taste for success

Consumer goods companies are right to embrace the trends such as health, indulgence and convenience that currently underpin product development in food and drink. But being topical doesn’t mean you’re always doing the right thing

quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2019

Rethinking CPG revenue growth management: A 21st century approach

A quick scan of the business pages will tell any consumer goods executive something they already know: consumer goods companies are trading within a context that is new, different and challenging

terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2019

A new go to market opportunity for China...

Amazon recently announced it would be closing China's market place business in domestic eCommerce.

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