Nossa equipe global de TMT cobre todos os aspectos nas áreas de telecom, mídia e tecnologia – colaborando regularmente de forma internacional com nossos clientes.

  • Comunicação e Tecnologia – Temos profundo conhecimento em tecnologia e telecomunicações e somos consultores reconhecidos no setor, auxiliando fornecedores e investidores a enfrentar seus desafios estratégicos, operacionais e de M&A; bem como órgãos reguladores nacionais do setor.
  • Nossa equipe de Mídia para Negócios e Serviços de Informação possui um forte histórico de trabalho com empresas e investidores globais – de publicações a dados, de conferências a redes, além da expertise nas áreas de educação e treinamento.
  • Nossa equipe de Mídia e Entretenimento conhece essa área de forma ampla, com vasta experiência operacional. Nossos clientes incluem alguns dos principais nomes mundiais em mídia e entretenimento em áreas como televisão, produção e broadcast, literatura e publicação de jornais e revistas. Somos elogiados por nossa paixão, pela maneira como falamos a língua dos clientes e por nossa forma de trabalho em parceria.

Nossa experiência cobre áreas como desenvolvimento de estratégias sustentáveis de longo prazo, incluindo a gestão de mudanças e turnaround. O que sustenta todos esses serviços é nossa abordagem altamente analítica e pragmática no trabalho com nossos clientes.

Nós vivemos e respiramos TMT, trabalhando em domínios de rápida mudança e re-combinação em todo o mundo

Nosso pensamento

Journey to the centre

Some international media businesses are shifting senior management and front-office roles away from London and back to their central HQs – and Brexit is accelerating this trend

Up close & personal

OC&C's latest research piece is informed by-depth interviews with over 100 CMOs and senior marketing executives from a range of industry sectors across UK, the USA, China and continental Europe

Is content king after all?

With the next wave of platform-based digital disruption imminent for the media industry, we examine the pattern of platform insurgence, the likely impacts on brands and how traditional news businesses should respond.

Organising for value

'Telematics' - capturing and transmitting real-time operational data from business operations - includes everything from basic vehicle tracking solutions to complex fleet management systems (FMS), including insurance, optimisation and driver/operator performance management.

Friend or foe

Questions addressed in this report: 1. How large an opportunity or threat are 3rd party open video platforms 2. How can producers and broadcasters benefit from the 3rd party open video opportunity 3. What might the outlook be for 3rd party open video platforms


How mobile commerce will unlock China's eCommerce future

Teaching the World

With increasing globalisation, digitalisation and a burgeoning middle class in former developing countries, students the world over are increasingly considering studying abroad

Sporting Chance

With sponsorship levels within sport having surpassed $30bn worldwide, and premier sporting competitions only growing in attractiveness to sponsors, sports sponsorship will continue its strong growth – providing opportunities for associations, owners, rights managers, agencies and sponsors alike

Why have U.S. K-12 materials been so slow to "Go Digital"?

Investors and corporate managers are growing old while waiting for education markets to “go digital”. Other information businesses have made the transition, many over a decade ago. The thesis, by analogy, is that the transition in education must be just around the corner.

Independents’ Day

Content producers face rising rights and talent costs as they try to acquire a distinctive edge in a world of over-supplied “me too” vanilla content

School Of Hard Knocks

The higher education sector in the UK has witnessed significant growth over the past three decades, with a combination of demographic, economic and policy drivers fuelling demand (as measured by the number of applications) since the 1980s

Elephants Can Dance

Many industry-leading corporations grow systematically slower than they should – underperforming their sector’s growth and being outperformed by smaller, more nimble competitors

Game On!

The online gaming industry is undergoing a period of rapid investment, expansion and innovation. In the last few years, investment and usage has shifted to new forms of gaming (particularly around social networks), 'freemium' and microtransaction business models have been proven, and 'games as a service' has emerged as a viable model

New Frontiers

As growth slows in the ‘Old West’, global suppliers are venturing into new territories. But they are facing stiff competition from domestic players – as this year’s ranking of the top 50 global fmcg companies reveals

All Change

Old certainties are no more. But new revenues are there to be won. The Media Top 100 shows the diversity of the media sector and the rewards for businesses that are prepared to adapt

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