Meat substitutes

Will the protein industry survive or thrive through the disruption?

quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2020


The rapid rise of meat substitutes has all the hallmarks of a classic market bubble – lots of new entrants trying to cash in on the gold rush, a wide range of competing (often as yet unproven) technologies vying for recognition and investment – and huge hype, perhaps only matched by the heady valuations being realised.

Beneath the fanfare there are fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour that are driving the rapid growth and which, we believe, will cause major disruption to the protein industry.

We have been working with our clients in this space, and are keenly watching these developments. Whether you view this as a time to act or a time to wait whilst the dust settles, the meat substitute trend cannot be ignored by the protein industry. In our view it represents both the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity that the industry has seen in years. Whether you agree or disagree with that perspective, this is a pivotal time for the industry to engage in the debate.

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