Nigel Stirk

Senior Leadership

Nigel Stirk在OC&C拥有超过10年的工作经验,专注于B2B服务行业,包括蓝领服务(设备管理、建造)和白领服务(商务流程外包、法律服务和债务追收)。




  • 牛津大学地理学士
  • 布里斯托大学社会地理学硕士
  • 剑桥大学历史地理学博士



Sink or swim

Too many of the world's leading B2B Services firms are at risk of revenue and margin decline - and only a few are acting with sufficient aggression to pursue their next wave of profitable growth


Moving into the fast lane

The B2B Services sector is a huge and profitable market, but poorly understood, and typically given much less attention than more mature consumer-facing industries. As a result, grasping the realities of how this sector functions can be a source of tremendous value


Show of strength

Twelve months ago we compiled an Index evaluating 50 of the leading FM businesses in the UK, aiming to spark some debate, particularly as FM is rarely seen as a coherent industry – even by many participants

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