David Sinclair

Senior Leadership

David Sinclair对于在全球范围内服务领先的零售、休闲和消费品企业经验丰富。



  • 麦肯锡伦敦,合伙人
  • 剑桥大学和伦敦大学学院,法律与法学理论



Inflated expectations

Data is driving more and more business decisions, with increasingly complex models being used to predict and manage costs, demand, staffing levels, revenue targets and a myriad of other things


Hitting a BRIC wall

With growth in Europe static and fmcg groups struggling to find their stride in emerging markets, they’re eyeing up opportunities in the dark continent


On the rebound

It's not just the Premiership that's being taken over by foreign players. Over the last 10 years, UK-based ownership of the Top 150 food & drink suppliers has declined significantly

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