David Hosein

Senior Leadership

David Hosein作为一名专业的战略咨询顾问,长期为雄心勃勃的企业管理层及投资者提供服务。




  • 安达信合伙人兼能源、公用事业和基础设施咨询业务负责人
  • 安达信战略咨询业务  
  • 爱丁堡大学工商管理硕士
  • 格拉斯哥大学航空和流体力学理学士


Testing Times - TIC 101 Index 2017

In our last review of the TIC sector (which we called TIC-TOCK), we identified several emerging trends, such as the superiority of focus over pure scale and the changing basis of competition, with implications for both organic growth and M&A priorities

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