Mark Jannaway

Senior Leadership

在过去10年,Mark Jannaway的工作一直围绕“不合规的”顾客以及服务于此类顾客的企业展开,譬如次级抵押贷款市场。



  • MarchFIRST(原米切尔麦迪逊集团)
  • 英国天然气全球公司
  • 牛津大学工程,经济与管理




汽车行业正处于前所未有的变革期:订阅 模式、共享汽车、电动汽车和自动驾驶汽车 将共同改变汽车价值链中所有公司的格局,并为优胜者带来重大机遇。但诸多颠覆性概 念变成现实的速度到底有多快?


Autonomous vehicles will clog our roads and line the pockets of maintenance and repair providers

Prepare for the mega traffic jam of the future. As cars become more and more available through on demand services we may see a tremendous rise in traffic. Up to 90% on some forecasts


Unlock the keys to the future of car ownership

Buying and running a car is not the set of discrete transactions it once was: drivers no longer buy a car from one place, have their vehicle serviced by another and then sell it on elsewhere


Forget omnichannel, it’s time to choose profitable growth

“Being Omnichannel” has morphed over time to become a dangerous pursuit for retailers striving for profitability and growth


Stop or go

The world of automotive is changing, and fast. The advent of subscription models, mobility, car sharing, electrification and autonomous are all potential disruptions viewed as an opportunity by some and a worry or threat by others


A pain in the neck

During the Autumn Statement, the Government announced its intention to clamp down on whiplash claims. Two wide-reaching reforms were proposed

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