Mark Jannaway

Senior Leadership

在过去10年,Mark Jannaway的工作一直围绕“不合规的”顾客以及服务于此类顾客的企业展开,譬如次级抵押贷款市场。



  • MarchFIRST(原米切尔麦迪逊集团)
  • 英国天然气全球公司
  • 牛津大学工程,经济与管理



Battery late than never

The world of automotive, like many others, has been profoundly affected by COVID-19. But the sector was already undergoing a period of unprecedented change in how, where, and what consumers want to buy


Life in the fast lane

The world of automotive is in a period of unprecedented change: subscription models, car sharing, electric and autonomous collectively will transform the landscape for all companies in the automotive value chain


Unlock the keys to the future of car ownership

Buying and running a car is not the set of discrete transactions it once was: drivers no longer buy a car from one place, have their vehicle serviced by another and then sell it on elsewhere


A pain in the neck

During the Autumn Statement, the Government announced its intention to clamp down on whiplash claims. Two wide-reaching reforms were proposed

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