• 我们的杂货团队与英国和世界各地的市场领导者合作,提供战略、转型和运营项目方面的支持。在客户眼中,OC&C是他们面临关键战略和商业问题时的“必选”咨询合作伙伴。
  • 服装领域,我们从整个价值链中汲取经验,帮助零售商成功应对消费者快速变化的期望。凭借对定位和供应链的整体认识,我们能就客户和消费者提供有针对性的建议。
  • 多类别:我们与大型综合零售商和百货公司,解决高级管理层面临的关键问题。我们的经验涵盖了广泛的问题,包括类别战略、运营模式重新设计和国际扩张。
  • 专业和奢侈品:我们在范围广泛的零售门类拥有深入专长,涵盖折扣和奢侈品、青少年和宠物用品。
  • 变革性数字模型:市场路径正在快速变化——平台、社交购物和直接面向消费者是如今的核心概念,而这些在十年前还很少被提及。我们与零售商合作,更好地了解客户需求和使命,并在此基础上设计市场路径和运营模式,从而实现真正的竞争优势。





Love & money: a deep dive into Alibaba’s Hema

The omnichannel buzz word has been omnipresent in most retailers’ vocabulary in recent years. A majority of them are painstakingly trying to integrate multiple online and offline touchpoints from discovery to purchase and services into a seamless and convenient journey for the customer

A perfect fit

The global market for apparel presents both challenge and opportunity. To be a winner, a brand must plot an ever more careful path: there is little scope to get it wrong

Winning hearts and minds

The UK retail industry is not for the faint-hearted: retailers continue to feel the heat from pressure on consumer spending and new and disruptive competitive models



The first rule of disruption

At the annual OC&C and Financo Retail CEO Forum, we heard first-hand how retail sector 'disruptors' think about the changing shape of the industry

Partnering to win in retail's digital age

For the last three years we have been living in the era of M-commerce: smartphones now represent over 50% of all online retail transactions and retail search queries across the UK, France and Germany

9 golden rules of global retail customer behaviour

We have worked with many major retailers around the world analysing large amounts of customer data. While every business is unique, as are its customers, experience has taught us that certain common threads or golden rules will always be present

Indigo is the new blue

China's apparel market, having experienced double-digit growth for decades and now surpassed the US to be the biggest apparel market in the world, has undoubtedly emerged as the key battlefield for brands

Happy Click-mas

Overall retail LFLs were up by 1.0% in Christmas 2016 (as measured by the BRC average) — after 4 years of broadly flat LFL growth. Footfall also held up much better than the previous year (slipping by only 0.2% in December 2016 versus 2% in 2015)

Dress for success

China is now the world's largest apparel market. Despite the slowdown of the economy, apparel retail in China remains one of the fastest-growing markets in the world

Damp spirits?

Overall retail like-for-likes were broadly flat in Christmas 2015, continuing the trend of the previous 3 years

Serving it up

After another eventful year in retail, the publication of OC&C's Proposition Index provides an opportunity to reflect on the impact on the UK consumer and their rating of the country's leading retailers

The new normal

For much of the past decade, China has offered retailers and consumer goods companies opportunities for unbridled growth and long term potential

Closing the gap

This is the fifth year we have carried out the International OC&C Proposition Index, a major piece of consumer research measuring shopper attitudes and perceptions towards the world’s leading retailers

Flat out or out flat

The UK economic recovery may be continuing (and wages finally growing faster than inflation), but from a retail Christmas trading perspective progress was uneven

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