News 星期三 7th 6 月 2023

A 100km feat for OC&C

Sending a huge congratulations to Segher Brons, Evert van Dam, Thijs Bron, Jonas de Boo, Liselotte Polders, Arthur Camps, Louk Hermans and Willem van Mierlo who took part in the annual OC&C Ringvaart Regatta last week.

OC&C has been the main sponsor since 2006.

Every year since 2008 eight colleagues have taken up this challenging 100km rowing marathon which sees 150 boats and 800 people take to Dutch waters.

From Asopos de Vliet in Leiden to Lijm & Cultuur our rowers, including lots of newbies to the sport, were put to the test. 7am training sessions took place over 2.5 months to prepare them for the day, with the first 60km getting off to good start.

Soreness and pain kicked in shortly after, but OC&C colleagues cheered them on from the Volg Boot.

In the final 15km our rowers were given a well-deserved morale boost from parents, coaches and OC&Cer’s who cycled along the waterside.

Well done Team!

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