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OC&C supports Arcus Infrastructure with the sale of Constellation Cold

OC&C are very pleased to congratulate Arcus Infrastructure on the successful acquisition of the business by EQT. OC&C supported Arcus Infrastructure with CVDD for the sale of Constellation Cold to EQT.

Arcus Infrastructure Partners established Constellation Cold in 2020, bringing together three businesses located in Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands. Constellation provides temperature-controlled storage capacity and complementary services to a wide range of food producers, traders and retailers. Its sites are strategically located for both clients or near critical logistics routes to major cities, ports or food hubs. By offering a value-added service, Constellation supports the critical journey within customer supply and logistics chains.

Constellation now owns and operates 26 large cold storage facilities across seven countries in Western Europe and the Nordics. Headquartered in London the firm employs 700 people, with an expected revenue of over EUR 150 million in FY24.

EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization with EUR 242 billion in total assets under management within two business segments – Private Capital and Real Assets. EQT owns portfolio companies and supports them in achieving sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.

We wish Constellation Cold and EQT every success in the next phase of their journey.

OC&C and Private Equity

We’re a leading global strategy consultancy with vast experience in the B2B sector, working with both major global corporations and local champions. We’ve advised investors on some of the largest transactions worldwide in recent years, encompassing sell-side and buy-side roles.

How we can help:

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  • We assist investors with accelerating or improving their portfolio companies’ performance.
  • We help investors identify potential investment themes or assets to target.

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