OC&C advises Pemba Capital Partners on its partnership with Droppoint

Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2023 | Neuigkeiten

We’re pleased to congratulate Pemba on successfully partnering with Droppoint, and appreciated the opportunity to support the deal with buy-side commercial due diligence.

Established in 2003 to simplify field logistics, Droppoint’s software-led approach has enabled it to become a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in the sector.

For Sydney-based Pemba, a leading investor in high-growth, entrepreneurial businesses, this latest partnership further bolsters the team's success in the tech and software space.

We wish the partnership every success and look forward to seeing the accelerated growth plans come to life.

OC&C and Private Equity

We’re a leading global strategy consultancy, with vast experience in TMT working with both major global corporations and local champions. We’ve advised investors on some of the largest transactions worldwide in recent years.

As a global strategy consulting firm, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver outstanding results. In private equity, we have commercially advised on more than 500 successful transactions over the last 5 years, encompassing sell-side and buy-side roles.

How we can help:

  • We provide commercial due diligence and vendor due diligence for transactions and refinancing.
  • We assist investors with accelerating or improving their portfolio companies' performance.
  • We help investors identify potential investment themes or assets to target.

For more detail on our experience in this space, please contact:

Mark Blackwell, Partner

Jeremy Barker, Partner

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