Moving into the fast lane

Challenging conventional wisdom in B2B services

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012


The B2B Services sector is a huge and profitable market, but poorly understood, and typically given much less attention than more mature consumer-facing industries. As a result, grasping the realities of how this sector functions can be a source of tremendous value.  

Having worked with a range of the participants and numerous investors across Europe and indeed around the world, evaluating B2B Services businesses, OC&C has seen some excellent examples (and plenty of bad ones) of how to win long-term in this marketplace, by establishing genuinely differentiated, value-adding client relationships.  OC&C has examined 100 leading European B2B companies to identify five fundamental misconceptions about B2B, and highlight the strategies driving the emerging leaders to the front of the pack. Crucially, these strategies are relevant across a very broad range of B2B Services sectors.

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