Second globalization

How is it reshaping corporate governance and CEO's agenda

Mittwoch, 10. April 2013


In the course of 2012, Wendel has asked OC&C Strategy Consultants to assess the effects of the globalization of economies on both management practices and governance models of major multinational corporations. They have kindly allowed us to publish this summary.

This assignment has led us to redefine what we are now going to call the "Second globalization" and to wonder what kind of impact this tremendous mutation will have on western companies and their corporate governance. More than fifty interviews with companies' executives - Europeans, Asians or North-Americans - have led us to realize the magnitude of the phenomenon. Their points of view, their experiences as well as their best practices, carefully related in this document, are a wealth of knowledge we hope will serve people in order to enrich their thinking on the subject. 

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