Feeling the squeeze

Annual review of the UK’s top 150 food and drink companies (2008)

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008


Whose turn is it in the sun? With the economic cycle swinging full circle, we are seeing a realignment of the retail scene. 

As the cost of living rises and daily news reports continue to flood us with glum tales of inflation in the price of food, fuel and interest rates, good news is certainly at a premium. A new report though shows reason for optimism. The Grocer/OC&C Index, an annual look in detail at the fortunes of the UK’s top 150 food and drink manufacturers, brings with it a definite modicum of hope.

There is an eternal truth that should reassure all those currently feeling the pressure of rising costs: all cycles turn and economic cycles are no different.  One day soon, victims currently at the sharpest end of the crisis will have their turn in the sun.

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