Davids and Goliaths share the gold

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018


Last week’s Grocer Gold Awards were a great reflection of the competitive dynamics at work across the FMCG landscape. Winners amongst brand owners ranged from insurgents like Lily’s Kitchen building a loyal following for their premium pet food through to big established brands like Anchor and Budweiser who have worked hard to remain relevant and executed brilliantly at scale.

A good reminder that, whilst there’s arguably never been a better time to grow small distinctive brands, the power of big brands is not dead. There’s all to play for wherever you sit in the competitive landscape and a greater array of brand building tools and approaches than ever before.

Perhaps it’s time to update an old adage for today’s animal-friendly times and say that in the 21st Century there’s more than one way to feed a cat…

Experten in dieser Einsicht:

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