Meet our members

Meet the ECSD network members helping us to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. Learn more about their experience and advice for those seeking to join OC&C.

"OC&C encourages each of us to shape the culture of the organisation by bringing our own unique perspectives and experiences not just to our work, but also to the life of the firm” Jimi, Consultant

Priyanka Nankani

"I did PPE at university and graduated in 2019. I spent the time in between graduating and starting at OC&C doing an internship at the Refugee Agency of the UN and travelling around the UK (as Covid made going abroad too difficult"

Mohsin Saleh

"I have really enjoyed all of the FUN that OC&C offers its staff! This includes annual company trips abroad for training (ITW) and socialising (Away Weekend), the Christmas Party, Peer Group Dinners and sector social events. It is fantastic to get to know colleagues outside of the project environment!"

Renelle Neil

"I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do after graduation only to find that my career path would change with many twists and turns. My advice to my younger self would be to allow myself the time to figure it all out. Things change!"

Eric Stutz

"Take lots of risks and do more things that are challenging even if you might fail. You’ll find that these are the experiences you most cherish"

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