Madlien, Associate Partner

What was your background prior to joining OC&C?

After graduating from university in Munich, I spent 6 years living and working for a strategy consulting firm in China, advising mostly consumer goods and retail clients on their China strategy. 

What’s your favourite OC&C experience?

My favourite OC&C project experience was when one of our team members won the OC&C Curiosity Award on one of my most recent projects. She won the award for being most creative and engaged in how we got to the answer through primary research – fun and rewarding at the same time! I also really like the various social activities organised throughout the offices. The annual ‘Away Weekend’ was certainly one of the highlights so far – but so were the OC&Cycle cycling trips, the skiing weekend, the Art Night, the cooking class, etc. I think it’s fantastic seeing how engaged everyone is inside and outside the office! 

What do you like to get up to in your free time outside of the office?

I’m a keen cyclist. I try to get on 1-2 longer rides a week and have done a few multi-day rides across China and Europe. Crossing the Alps last year, and cycling through entire Switzerland this summer were definitely two of the coolest tours. When not cycling, I’m usually out trying good food – brunches, lunches, coffee breaks, dinners, post-dinner snacks… I’m up for it all!

What advice would you give to someone applying at OC&C?

The advice I would give to my younger self (and anyone out there really) is to be brave and adventurous. Go for the things that challenge you and for the things that excite you. And have fun doing those!

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