Vicky, Manager

What was your background prior to joining OC&C?

I studied Economics & Management at Oxford University, and spent the summer travelling before starting at OC&C in September 2016. I tried my hand at Big 4 Consulting and Banking internships, before deciding Strategy Consulting was where I wanted to start my career.

What’s your favourite OC&C experience?

When you start at OC&C, the others you join with become your Peer Group – OC&C provide funding for a Peer Group event twice a year, for you all to get together and celebrate. Myself and my 15 peers have used ours to do activities like an escape room, dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and, my personal favourite, dinner & some dancing at Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch. Any excuse for a social event!  

What do you like to get up to in your free time outside of the office?

Since moving to London, I’ve got quite into going to the theatre – surprising what you can see last minute when working so close to the West End – as well as spending weekends exploring green spaces on my bike (Richmond Park is a personal favourite so far).

What advice would you give to someone applying at OC&C?

What makes OC&C such an enjoyable place to work is the interesting and engaging people – so during the application process we want to get to you know as a person, not just learn about your academic knowledge and experience! So take advantage of situations to ask questions and learn more about the people who work here, and be yourself!