Henri-Thierry Toutounji

Senior Leadership

Henri-Thierry is part of OC&C's TMT practice, he has particular interest and expertise in B2B Information industries.

Henri-Thierry has extensive experience working with clients from across the different range of business models deployed in the information space including; data, workflow solutions, software, events, publications, training, and from across the key verticals such as Credit, Financial, Energy, Legal, Automotive to name a few.

He helps corporate clients make the best, well-informed decisions, from devising successful board-level portfolio strategies, to helping businesses identify the ‘right’ proposition for the ‘right’ segment and aligning the organisation behind the execution of these decisions.

Henri-Thierry also advises private equity and corporate clients in their M&A decisions, from point of transaction, to in-life value maximisation and divestment support.

Education & Prior Experience

  • MSc, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • MEng, National University of Singapore
"Helping people make hard choices and providing a practical route to enable them to change for the better is at the heart of what we do."

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Wednesday 16 October 2019

The sales force conundrum

Getting sales right is a strategic priority for B2B information companies. Their unique combination of high fixed costs and extremely low truly variable costs means that every new customer win, and every further sale to an existing customer, flows straight to the bottom line

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