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Our people are our success and we endeavour to celebrate and support them throughout their careers.

When asked, what sets OC&C apart from other strategy consultancies, the most common answer is a group of intelligent, motivated and genuinely fun people which make up the supportive workforce. But, don’t take our work for it – hear what our team has to say.

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Ye, Associate Partner

I joined the firm after studying Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford University. Prior to OC&C, I initially explored a career in finance and completed internships in private equity and investment banking. The internships taught me that I enjoyed learning about how companies and industries worked, but that the long hours in investment banking were not for me. I decided to pursue a career strategy consulting as it seemed to be the ‘best of both worlds’ – and haven’t looked back.

Since joining OC&C in London 7 years ago, I have worked across the full range of industry sectors that OC&C offers – from retail and consumer goods to software and hosting – for clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. Along the way, I have also enjoyed many of the opportunities unique to OC&C such as secondments to clients and ambassadorships to international offices.

For my secondment, I worked for 5 months in the Transformation Office of Liberty Global, a leading European cable operator based in London and Amsterdam. I am currently on ambassadorship in the New York office after transferring from the London office last year.

The most interesting strategy consulting projects are typically completely unrelated to how glamorous the industry or client may appear on face value. The team often has the biggest influence on how fun a project will be. One of my favourite projects in the last few years was a strategy project for a UK estate agency chain, seeking to understand the how new online estate agent start-ups might impact their industry as a whole.

My only advice is to just go for it. There is a range of different backgrounds at OC&C and the interview process is designed to test how you think, not what you know - don’t be afraid to submit your application!

Elif, Associate Partner

I started my career in investment banking after achieving a BA in Economics from Bilkent University and MBA from London Business School. I switched to consulting after the first year, joining OC&C as an experienced hire in 2013. I started as a Consultant and became a Manager in the first appraisal period. Since then my career progression has fast tracked and I have been an Associate Partner for 2.5 years now!

I have been given the opportunity to lead an entire office since 2017. Learning the delicacies of administration, recruitment, and business development in this role has been a life changing experience for me. I don’t think I could have a similar opportunity anywhere else.

OC&C is known to be queen of the boutiques. I fell in love with the boutique culture and strategy work.

At OC&C, there is room for everyone and anyone to grow. We do not boast about the hours we put in but the end deliverables we are able to provide to our customers along with the friendly and inclusive team environment. If you would like to be part of something you are proud of all the times, you are at the right page to apply

It is hard to choose a favourite project. But I do have a soft spot for our Google projects, where we are able to produce something that can be communicated to the public and have a broader audience than a one single client.

I have managed to have it all – both a family and a career. I have been married for c.10 years and have three lovely Yorkies. I rescue stray animals (mostly dogs and cats) and find them forever homes, if not they join our little group of c.500 which receive shelter, food and medical care at all times.

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