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Our people are our success and we endeavour to celebrate and support them throughout their careers.

When asked, what sets OC&C apart from other strategy consultancies, the most common answer is a group of intelligent, motivated and genuinely fun people which make up the supportive workforce. But, don’t take our work for it – hear what our team has to say.

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Shane, Staffing Manager

I studied Business Studies and PR at LJMU and after graduating began my career in staffing and talent development at Oliver Wyman & BCG.

At OC&C my role is to allocate Consultants to projects and business development taking into account development needs, and preferences where possible. I also make sure projects are staffed correctly with regards to the team structure and within the project budget.

The thing I enjoy most about my role is that it’s fast paced challenging and varied. It’s a rapidly growing firm and I can leverage off my previous experience. No day is exactly the same and there is ample opportunity to grow.

Tracy, Senior PA

I decided very early on against going to a regular university and decided instead to study at the University of Life. Having gone to secretarial school (same one as Princess Diana and because my mum made me!), I have managed to find myself various roles in numerous industries.

As a PA, my role is to primarily ensure that my Partners (and project teams) are supported with all administrative assistance so that they can focus all their efforts in finding the right answer for our clients. As a Senior PA, my role is to ensure that my team are happy, that they are challenged, their development needs are met and most importantly, they feel well supported in their role.
I enjoy the constant challenge of beating / meeting a deadline, working with colleagues and building relationships with clients in order to get a good job done. With projects generally lasting 3 – 8 weeks, there is plenty of variety in the role and also an opportunity to learn and grow.

I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s not just the challenge of the job where you reap your rewards, it is the people that you do it with where the real riches are won. The expression ‘work hard, play hard’ must’ve been coined by an OC&C’er.

Sarah, Senior PA

I have a degree in Criminology from the University of Portsmouth. Before I joined OC&C I used to work at a US Hedge fund and for the US Embassy in the Consular department.

I currently work as a PA for the UK Managing Partner Will Hayllar and the FMCG Partner Barney Wallace. Alongside this I also work a senior PA and manager to a team of PAs in the London office.

What I enjoy most about my role is the people and the opportunities to learn. I have had the chance to be involved in a lot of initiatives and training over my time at OC&C. The work hard, play hard lifestyle of OC&C makes relationship building a lot easier and the hard work all worth it.

The Business Services team has grown a lot since I joined OC&C three years ago. The teams are very different, but we work very well together across all the different departments. Each department crosses over in some way and from driving and pushing forward initiatives over the last year we have grown even closer.

Griffin, US Talent Manager

I obtained a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College. I then went on to spend 10 years in hospitality, notably as Executive Assistant to a celebrity chef and working in event planning.

I feel like OC&C found me! I was in the midst of a major career shift, having decided to leave hospitality altogether and look for a new role in a new industry. I hit the pavement hard and nearly resigned myself to working somewhere quite boring.  Then the recruiter I was working with presented me the profile for OC&C – and I thought “I want to work there!”  I wanted to be part of building something, not just one of many faces in a sea of desks.  It was certainly the right match.

I find a lot of joy in being a person that other people can rely on for guidance or answers. I very much like feeling a part of individual successes as well as exciting growth for the team as a whole. My job gives me the opportunity to do all of the above and more, while also managing to have quite a lot of fun with my colleagues along the way.

I have learnt quite a lot about consulting, having never given it any thought as an industry prior to joining OC&C! Additionally, I have learnt that the environment and culture of any given company are quite important to the success of its people. Investment in these parts of a business are just as valuable, if not more, as any other aspect.

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