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Our people are our success and we endeavour to celebrate and support them throughout their careers.

When asked, what sets OC&C apart from other strategy consultancies, the most common answer is a group of intelligent, motivated and genuinely fun people which make up the supportive workforce. But, don’t take our work for it – hear what our team has to say.

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Tom, Consultant

I’m a Consultant in the OC&C London office and a focus on Retail and Leisure industries. I have also spent time in the New York office.

Having studied from Biological Sciences at Oxford University, I started my career in a generalist strategy role. However, I found myself leaning toward the more heavily quantitative problems and taught myself to code so I could better address these. It was at this point OC&C contacted me and the role seemed like the perfect fit – combining both strategic and technical skillsets.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite project since each one is so different. A project could be great because the problem you’re solving, the team, the role you play or the impact for the client.

In terms of advice to applicants, I would say do not neglect the strategy side. Case study skills are just as important as the technical ones and you’ll be expected to be structured, concise and insightful in your answers.

Aneira, Consultant

My path into consulting was a slightly convoluted one. I studied American Politics at the University of Nottingham and went into teaching, via the Teach First graduate programme. I then decided to complete a Masters in Public Policy at the University of Cambridge and I finally settled on consulting as my next career step.

When researching consulting firms, it became clear that OC&C was the perfect size – large enough to do meaningful and exciting work, but still personal enough to facilitate quick building of relationships, trust and reputation. OC&C also stood out as the leader in ‘strategy consulting’ – I was much more interested in helping businesses prepare for an exciting if uncertain future than I was in some of the more technical or specialised types of consultancy.

For me, life outside projects is often as important to my satisfaction and well-being as the day-to-day work. The natural community of the peer group, as well as important relationships with people like your buddy or your mentor can make all the difference between a bad week and a good one, and they can also be an incredible source of information on any number of topics, both work related and not. Having got to know my peer group at training programmes, daily lunches, company events, and even a Norwegian ‘Porridge Party’, I feel I can genuinely call them friends as well as colleagues.

To anyone applying, my advice would be to think about what you want from your career. Consulting can be a great place to learn valuable skills before a move into something else or can be a great profession in itself. However, it is important to do your research and consider whether both the career and this firm are right for you, even if just for the short term. The application process – and the first year – at every consulting firm can be hard work and will require commitment to succeed.   

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