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Our people are our success and we endeavour to celebrate and support them throughout their careers.

When asked, what sets OC&C apart from other strategy consultancies, the most common answer is a group of intelligent, motivated and genuinely fun people which make up the supportive workforce. But, don’t take our work for it – hear what our team has to say.

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Ruth, Consultant

I joined OC&C in 2017 after studying English Literature with German at Oxford. Initially I joined the London office. I chose OC&C because my best friend was working here and I really liked the atmosphere and the people I met on interview days.

For those considering applying, my advice would be: 1) do it! And 2) ask as many people as possible to practise cases with you so you get used to thinking logically & in a structured way.

Since joining, I have had exposure to a very broad range of industries and business types – and I have learnt how to think critically and write lucidly about complex business models & trends.

I moved to Munich with OC&C in early 2018 to help grow our presence there, so being open to opportunity at OC&C has helped me improve my German, experience life in a new country & see the firm from a different, more “start-up” perspective.

Outside of project work, I have a fantastic support network at the firm (my peers, who joined with me; my German colleagues and my mentor) who have helped me during this period and who encourage me when things seem challenging. I have had a great time in the last year skiing & running with colleagues – so I think the work hard / play hard culture is still very strong!

Tom, Consultant

I’m a Consultant in the OC&C London office and a focus on Retail and Leisure industries. I have also spent time in the New York office.

Having studied from Biological Sciences at Oxford University, I started my career in a generalist strategy role. However, I found myself leaning toward the more heavily quantitative problems and taught myself to code so I could better address these. It was at this point OC&C contacted me and the role seemed like the perfect fit – combining both strategic and technical skillsets.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite project since each one is so different. A project could be great because the problem you’re solving, the team, the role you play or the impact for the client.

In terms of advice to applicants, I would say do not neglect the strategy side. Case study skills are just as important as the technical ones and you’ll be expected to be structured, concise and insightful in your answers.

Michael, Consultant

I studied Applied Maths and Economics at the University of Glasgow. Before applying to consulting I had little understanding of who any of the different firms were and ultimately, I ended up choosing OC&C on the basis of a really positive interview day; of the various processes I went through it was probably the key one that left me feeling excited about the prospect of working there.

Since joining, the biggest thing I have learnt are the parts of a job/career that motivate me and those are primarily: doing project based work, variety (through exposure to different business models / industries) and working in teams with driven and smart people. My favourite project was when I was working for an ecommerce retailer in New York. The key question was in a world where Amazon is so dominant how could they differentiate themselves. The project had a great team, really nice client, interesting question and good work-life balance while spending two months in NYC!

There is always a lot going on at OC&C; I am involved in both the touch rugby and cycling clubs but there seems to be a sports mailing list for just about every sport. The office is really social so it’s fast to make friends both in your peer group and more widely across the firm.

My advice to those who want to apply to OC&C is- be proud of the interesting things you have done, especially if you feel they don’t fit the typical professional interview context. Don’t worry if you have done a degree course that has given you little technical exposure to things like excel. Similarly, also don’t worry if you do not have a series of investment banking / big 4 type internships for prior experience. The training provided when you join is excellent and you really quickly pick up on the skills needed to be an associate regardless of background/experience.

Caroline, Consultant

During my time at the Norwegian School of Economics where I studied CEMs International Management, I decided that I wanted to work at a strategy consulting firm and I wanted to work in London, so OC&C seemed like a great place to apply for an internship. I had an amazing summer working with some incredibly intelligent, fun and interesting people. For me there could be no question of not returning to OC&C once I left university.

When asked what I have learnt since I’ve joined I always answer with what have I not learnt. The fun thing about consulting is that you learn a lot about business commercially, but you also pick up a lot of analytical skills, soft skills and a whole tonne of industry knowledge across many industries.

I have had a lot of different project experiences, but my favourite was when I was working on a piece of IP with OC&C on the media proposition index, surveying people about fake news, social media habits and Love Island.

My advice for someone who wants to apply to OC&C - reach out to someone who works in consulting and talk to them. There are many different types of consulting and within that there are many different working styles. One of the things I didn’t fully appreciate until I joined OC&C was the importance of working in a firm that don’t always work at client site, it allows me to stay in central London, build up my social network here, and get to know my colleagues a lot better too.

Giray, Consultant

I studied industrial engineering at Istanbul Technical University and joined OC&C straight after graduation. In my senior year of university, I wanted to work as a strategy consultant with a focus on exciting industries. Then, I was lucky to hear about OC&C from one of my friends who is now a colleague. As I learnt more about OC&C, I was very intrigued. Because, I found the type of work – especially the mix of strategy and private equity projects - and the industries they serve very exciting.

I have learnt a lot since I have joined OC&C. First, I have learnt extensively about some industries that I had previously known very little about. Other than industry knowledge, I have continuously gained analytical and client management skills, thanks to the challenging projects I have involved. But more importantly, I learnt how teams consisting of individuals with different backgrounds work together. 

I would advise aspiring strategy consultants to find out more about consulting life before they apply. They should understand what consultants do and, more importantly, if this fits their career expectations. Once they decide to apply, they should practice cases with classmates and current/former consultants.

My favourite project so far has been a project where we helped a price comparison website redesign its strategy. We helped our client develop a future-proof strategy in a very challenging market with ever-changing dynamics. I enjoyed this project the most because I learnt a tonne about online businesses where I have a specific interest.

The life outside of projects has been fun so far. I have made some great friends from all offices of OC&C. The people we work with matter a lot since we spend most of our time working in teams. I find myself very lucky, because OC&C Istanbul, my home office, has a pleasant and supportive environment which helps you integrate quickly.

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