OC&C Strictly Strategy Competition 2021

Welcome to our online competition!

Every few days starting Monday 11 October we will be releasing a video on Instagram with a sector focused question giving you the opportunity to learn more about the industries we work in and win some exciting prizes.

Questions 1 – 4 will be multiple choice questions and will give you the opportunity to win sector focused prizes.

Question 5 will be a case study question and will give you the opportunity to be fast tracked to interview stage for our Associate Consultant – Strategy position.

All winners will be announced w/c 1st November.

To enter:

  • Follow our Instagram page @occstrategy
  • Watch each sector video as they are released every Monday and Thursday
  • Enter your answer via the form in the top right hand corner of this page
  • Review our T&Cs at the bottom of this page 


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B2B Products & Services

OC&C does a lot of work in parcels and logistics. In 2020, the world went mad for online shopping and the total spend on online orders in the UK grew by 53%. Because of this, the revenue in the wider letters and parcels market also grew. What is your best estimate of how much the revenue in the letters and parcels market grew in the UK?

a) 2%
b) 5%
c) 12%
d) 50%

Please submit your answer by 13th October 23:59 using the submission form.


Improving technology and changing consumer habits have led to increased adoption of online solutions in work, education, and leisure – Covid-19 saw a further acceleration of this trend. As part of this, and as smart-phones become increasingly affordable around the world, there has been an increase in app-based solutions too.

Our client is a language app company (think Duolingo, Babbel etc) and want to know which of the following markets present the largest opportunity. if you were to place these countries in order of annual spend per person on language apps, which would be the biggest?

a) USA
b) China
c) France
d) Japan
e) India

Please submit your answer by 17th October 23:59 using the submission form.


A group of customers all join a subscription business in the same month, how does the total value of this group of customers change over time if there is a constant customer churn rate of 5% every year.

Is it option?

A). The total value of the cohort grows linearly every year.
B). All of the value of the cohort is concentrated in the first year and is 0 in every year thereafter.
C). The incremental value of the cohort increases every year.
D). The incremental value of the cohort decreases every year.

Please submit your answer by 20th October 23:59 using the submission form.

Consumer goods

Beauty and Personal Care (cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, etc.) is worth approximately $484bn globally. Work at OC&C often involves identifying the most attractive markets for clients, who may be looking to expand into new markets. Place these countries in order of spend per household on cosmetics & toiletries, with the highest spend per household first:

a) Japan
b) Italy
c) Canada
d) UK
e) France

Please submit your answer by 27th October 23:59 using the submission form.

Retail & Leisure

Over the past 18 months, a lot of work in our Leisure and Retail sectors has focused on digital platforms many of whom who have enjoyed significant growth through the pandemic. One example of this is within fitness as gyms close their doors in March 2020 many personal training apps saw a rapid rise in subscribers as fitness enthusiasts found ways to continue their training from home.

However, as gyms reopen and we all return to the office many fitness apps are struggling to keep these new subscribers.

If you were in charge of a fitness app, what three things would you do to deliver continued revenue and profit growth?’

Please submit your answer in the free-text box labelled Question 5 on the submission form – max word count is 500 words & any format of text is applicable (e.g. bullet points are fine). Those entering question 5 must have made an application to the Associate Consultant – Strategy Role. Top 5 winners will be fast-tracked to interview and invited to a winner’s day in our OC&C London office!

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