Associate Consultant - Strategy application

As a new Associate Consultant, you will be particularly relied upon within the team to organise data effectively and add insight from primary and secondary research. You will often be the team member closest to the data and / or with the best overview of the market and therefore add valuable insight to drive the answer forward.

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What we look for

  • Excellent academic background; you are currently achieving a high level of academic achievement at University from any degree discipline
  • An intuitive analytical mind and numerical skills
  • Able to demonstrate team work skills and ability to communicate very effectively in both written and oral settings
  • Through enterprise, academic or other activity, able to demonstrate a natural flair for commercial awareness
  • Enjoyment of working within a team environment – helping others in the best way that you can


When does your Associate Consultant - Strategy vacancy open?

This vacancy opens on our website early September. The deadline for applications is early November. We can only accept applications submitted through our online portal.

What criteria do you use to judge CVs and in considering applications?

CVs should be 1-2 pages long.

We judge CVs against three criteria:

  • Intellectual horsepower: we need the brightest people to tackle the most difficult questions, so applicants need to demonstrate consistent academic excellence
  • Extracurricular interests: those who have a natural curiosity and are willing to take on responsibility outside of their academic life
  • Commercial awareness: we look for people who can demonstrate their commercial flair whether through work placements, their own ventures, or otherwise

How do I know if my application was submitted successfully? When should I expect to hear a response?

All applications must be submitted via our website. You can expect to receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your application. If you do not receive an application, please reach out to us.

At what level do you recruit PhDs?

We actively recruit graduates who have undertaken further study. PhDs and post-docs will join as Associate Consultants, alongside undergraduate but progress within the firm is entirely on merit, and the benefits of a PhD typically allow you to progress more quickly. We also offer an additional joining bonus for PhD students once they start with us.

We operate several start-dates through the year (typically January, March and September) meaning your start with us can be at a time that suits the end of your studies. Please apply the October before you plan to submit your thesis.

Can I take a year out before I start?

Our key objective is to recruit the best people, and we are certainly flexible here. We typically offer September, January and March intakes; therefore, the possibility exists to take off a few months.

If you would like to defer your start date, we cannot make any promises but would aim to work with you to offer the best solution.

Do you recruit on a rolling basis?

No, we don’t, we will review application results and decide who will invite to online test after the close date of the vacancy. You can expect to receive feedback within 3 weeks of the closing date. If you don’t hear from us following this – please reach out to us.

I wasn’t successful in my application, when can I reapply?

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applications made within a year of previous applications.

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