Ripe for the picking?

Organic food could be the next big food wave in India

Monday 15 August 2016


Globally, the organic wave seems to have swept across all things food. From farm produce, to meat, to seafood, to dairy, 'going organic' is transitioning from being a fad to a way of life. A heightened sense of environmentalism along with widespread alarm at the prospect of ingesting pesticide residue or preservatives is prompting a shift to safer, more natural options.

India is playing a part in this global story by supplying large quantities of organically grown non-GMO produce to the USA and Europe, which together are about 90% of the market. But an interesting story is unfolding back home - India is in fact consuming organic food faster than it is exporting it. It is also home to a sizeable latent demand waiting to be unlocked, making India an organic market that may be ripe for the picking.

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