Decision time

In the new normal, UK food and drink suppliers will need to make key choices to secure their future

Wednesday 24 November 2021


The fortunes for the food and drink sector during 2020 can truly be classed as mixed – rarely has the industry seen such massive upheaval. Following those challenges, there are new challenges for the industry to confront around labour shortages, increasing input costs and rising global inflation, which all need to be managed in relatively short order.

Looking beyond this, UK food and drink is in a different place to where it was before Covid and there are a number of fundamental choices that food and drink businesses need to make in order to secure their futures.

  • A new attitude towards convenience – both on a product and channel dimension
  • Sustainability – more and more becoming an angle of differentiation for brands
  • HFSS and health – renewed focus by government and consumers on health
  • Labour models – productivity gains are essential in a landscape with limited access to consumers

In light of these challenges, what choices are you going to make?

If you would like to discuss any of the themes covered in the Top 150 report our team would be delighted to hear from you.

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