Succeeding in a squeeze

Five ways to flex and futureproof subscriptions

Thursday 28 July 2022


With inflation at its highest rate in over 40 years, and consumers reassessing their spending, businesses will have to work harder – and smarter – for the money in people’s pockets.  
Direct-to-consumer subscription businesses have boomed over the last ten years, with over $10bn of VC investment in subscription businesses over the last five years across Europe and North America. The relative youth of the sector means that most of these businesses are facing a high inflation environment – and the challenges of adapting to meet it – for the first time. 
Whether the global economy is set for a sustained economic downturn, or soon-to-come renewed growth, subscription businesses must act now to plot the right strategic course to both protect themselves and make the most of the opportunities which lie ahead.   
We have identified five key tactics that subscription businesses in any geography can employ to flex and futureproof their business, whichever way the market moves.   

The exact plan for each business will be specific to its circumstances, but with decisive action and clear strategy, there’s much to be won. 


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