OC&C supported Apax Partners and BIP during the recent transaction with CVC

lunedì 7 giugno 2021 | Attualità

We are pleased to congratulate Apax Partners, the French Private Equity firm, and the BIP management on the recently announced transaction with CVC, acquiring a majority stake in BIP. We supported Apax Partners and the BIP management team in the Commercial Vendor Due Diligence. BIP, founded in Italy in 2003, is a leading multinational consulting firm with presence in 13 countries, employing more than 3,500 people worldwide, with a turnover of 315 million euros in 2020 (an increase of 31% compared to 2019). BIP’s professionals offer management consulting services and business integration services, helping companies in the research and adoption of disruptive technological innovation. BIP is now present in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, the United Arab Emirates and Chile.

OC&C is a global leader in strategy consultancy to the professional services and consulting sector, advising on some of most significant deals globally over the past 5 years.

For more details on our experience in this space, please contact our team.

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