OC&C supports Antares Vision S.p.A during its recent listing on Borsa Italiana’s STAR exchange

lunedì 2 agosto 2021 | Attualità

We are pleased to congratulate Antares Vision S.p.A on its recent move from the AIM Italia stock market to a new listing on Borsa Italiana’s STAR segment exchange. Antares Vision S.p.A provides inspection, track and trace and data management technology solutions for digitalization across the supply chain in pharmaceutical, medical, beverage, nutritional, cosmetic, and fast-moving packaged consumer goods sectors. Their technology solutions are aimed to protect products, profit, people, and planet by ensuring the integrity and transparency of the supply chain and reducing the risk of counterfeiting and promoting a more sustainable supply chain. The business has just been listed at a capitalization of nearly €800m. OC&C acted as an advisor to Antares Vision S.p.A during this process.

OC&C are global leaders in providing strategy consulting services to the testing and inspection sector, as well as serving customers across many of Antares Vision S.p.A's end markets. We have deep expertise in IPO support as well as broader transaction services. We were delighted to provide support to Antares Vision S.p.A during this significant transaction.

For more details on our experience in this space, please contact our team.

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