Deidre Sorensen

Deidre Sorensen

Deidre brings 20 years of global experience to our London office, where she focuses on strategy and operating model questions within and beyond the Consumer Goods sector

Deidre has more than 20 years of experience in business strategy. She holds an MBA (with honours) from INSEAD, and has worked across corporate, small business, and government sectors both as a consultant (BCG, Bain, OC&C and independent) and strategy director.

She has experience across geographies (Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa) and industries, particularly consumer goods and is a pragmatic, hands-on consultant that works from corporate strategy to operating models and organisation. She has a particular interest in macro consumer trends, digital transformation, and sustainability.

Istruzione e esperienza precedente

  • BCG, Bain, PepsiCo, UK Civil Service (Department of Health)
  • MBA with distinction from INSEAD, France
  • BA(Hons) with distinction from Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada
"I love that we focus on strategy, in a pragmatic way – ensuring it’s not just analytically smart or creative but also something that can be implemented and have real impact for our clients."

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