7 steps to driving exit value

venerdì 25 ottobre 2019 | Attualità

This October, Christoph Treiber explained to private equity investors the 7 crucial steps to driving exit valuation for their portfolio companies. From Day 1 following a successful acquisition process, through to the final stages of a deal with a new buyer, here are the critical approaches that investors should take to get the best returns on a deal:

  1. Be systematic on Value Creation Planning at the outset of ownership
  2. Drive performance in Year 1 to support EBITDA growth early in plan
  3. Consider repositioning if it helps unlock the right long term buyer community
  4. Embed Digital & Analytics as part of any capability build
  5. Review mid-cycle (18-24 months pre-exit) recognising this is your last chance to make major changes
  6. Take a buyers mindset to prepare for exit
  7. Create a positive exit dynamic to excite buyers about an asset (rather than chip away from a strong starting position)

If you want to know more about how we can help you to realise value from your investments, please contact Christoph Treiber or Tom Gladstone.

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