OC&C advises Clessidra Capital Credit and FVS on recent acquisition in the confectionary space

lunedì 5 dicembre 2022 | Attualità

We're pleased to congratulate Clessidra Capital Credit and FVS on acquiring Candy Factory. The investment is shared with Castellazzi (founder of Casa del Dolce) and Corno (founder of Liking).

The Candy Factory is an Italian confectionary business, who caters to a wide range of customers. Casa del Dolce and, 2 medium-sized Italian confectionary businesses merged to form this business.

Clessidra and FVS are aiming to make Candy Factory a leader in the confectionery sector by leveraging their production commercial activity. They will upgrade the product portfolio to satisfy every customer’s needs, making sure they are able to serve a variety of customers, from children to adults. They will also look to expand into new channels and geographies, developing the portfolio in line with market trends, which in turn will evolve their market positioning.

OC&C is leading strategy consultancy in the sector working with both major global corporations and local champions. We have advised investors on some of the largest transactions worldwide in recent years.

For more details on our experience in the space, please contact the team.

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