OC&C supports ECI in Tusker value realisation throughout the investment lifecycle

martedì 28 febbraio 2023 | Attualità

OC&C is pleased to congratulate ECI on their recent sale of vehicle leasing company Tusker to Lloyds Banking Group. OC&C supported ECI on due diligence at the point of investment and supported Tusker on strategy and value creation throughout ECI’s hold period.

Tusker is a carbon neutral company who provide both company car and salary sacrifice car schemes to UK organizations in both the public and private sector. It has 1,300 customers running around 23,000 vehicles of which 60% are EVs, with future orders set to increase that to 77%. 

With their recent investment, Tusker can offer their products and services across a wider selection of businesses and enterprises, enabling them to provide competitive benefits packages while helping in their transition to net-zero by 2050, if not sooner.  

OC&C is a leading strategy consultancy in the Automotive space working with both major global corporations and local champions. We have advised investors on some of the largest transactions worldwide in recent years. You can read OC&C’s latest insight on automotive here.

For more details on our experience in this space, please contact the team.

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