OC&C assists Jan Linders on cooperating agreement with Albert Heijn

martedì 31 gennaio 2023 | Attualità

OC&C is pleased to congratulate Jan Linders by person of Ferry Moolenschot, Leo Linders, Jonas Linders, Ruth Linders, and Lode Linders on their recent deal with Albert Heijn.

The deal is a true win-win, helping Jan Linders cement its long term perspective and allowing Albert Heijn to significantly strengthen its position in the south of the Netherlands.

The vast majority of the 63 stores will remain part of Jan Linders’ new franchise organization and will be converted into Albert Heijn franchise supermarkets. In addition, Jan Linders will be acquiring ten supermarkets from Albert Heijn in the south of the Netherlands. This cooperation agreement will help bolster ongoing extensive digitisation and rapidly changing customer expectations, which require major structural investments and a high rate of innovation to remain competitive. The agreement will help ensure a healthy future full of growth, expansion and profitability for both businesses.

OC&C is leading strategy consultancy in the Grocery sector working with both major global corporations and local champions. We have advised investors on some of the largest transactions worldwide in recent years.

For more details on our experience in this space, please contact the team.

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