OC&C provides sell-side due dil support to Agilio Software, a portfolio company of August Equity

venerdì 23 febbraio 2024 | Attualità

OC&C is pleased to congratulate Agilio Software on its strategic growth investment by Five Arrows and TA Associates. OC&C provided commercial vendor due diligence to support the transaction, following previous growth strategy engagements with Agilio Software and August Equity.

Agilio is a leading frontline healthcare operations software provider. Its solutions are used by over 5,200 healthcare practices & groups to enhance operations, drive productivity and increase efficiency, through the automation and optimisation of critical operational functions such as workforce management and compliance. Agilio has established itself as a market leader in the UK dental and primary care sectors, with a growing presence in veterinary and an expanding footprint in the Netherlands.

Founding investor August Equity has supported Agilio since 2019, assisting its rapid expansion through organic growth and a series of strategic acquisitions. We congratulate August Equity on the achievement of a 9.2X money multiple return.

This deal underlines OC&C's deep expertise in vertical software, and its continuing track record of advising on software growth strategy and transactions.

OC&C and Private Equity

We’re a leading global strategy consultancy, with vast experience across both horizontal & vertical software, working with players ranging from nascent SaaS challengers to the largest enterprise software companies. We’ve advised investors on some of the largest and most exciting transactions worldwide in recent years.

As a global strategy consulting firm, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver outstanding results. In private equity, we have commercially advised on more than 500 successful transactions over the last 5 years, encompassing sell-side and buy-side roles.

How we can help:

  • We provide commercial due diligence and vendor due diligence for transactions and refinancing.
  • We assist investors with accelerating or improving their portfolio companies' strategy & performance
  • We help investors identify potential investment themes or assets to target.

For more detail on our Private Equity, Strategy & Value Creation experience in this space, please contact:

Justin Walters, Partner

Mark Blackwell, Partner

James Bridges, Associate Partner

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