Ethnic, Cultural & Social Diversity Network

At OC&C, we recognise the value that a diverse pool of individuals brings to the firm and we strongly believe that diversity enriches our work environment. As more and more of our clients are facing business challenges at a global level, being able to draw on a wide array of backgrounds and experiences when solving problems is now more important than ever.

This is where our Ethnic, Cultural & Social Diversity network fits in. Our mandate includes celebrating the diversity that exists within the firm, ensuring staff from all backgrounds feel supported and realising the benefit that diverse opinions can have for our clients. There is a shared understanding and commitment across the firm to ensure that staff from diverse cultures all feel welcome, supported and able to thrive during their careers at OC&C.

We understand that ensuring the next generation of OC&Cers are even more diverse than the current generation is critical for our long-term success. As such, we proudly partner with organisations such as SEO to run events and encourage BME and students from a variety of backgrounds to apply for a career in strategy consulting.

OC&C encourages each of us to shape the culture of the organisation by bringing our own unique perspectives and experiences not just to our work, but also to the life of the firm” Jimi, Associate Consultant

Tanya, Recruitment Officer

"My favourite OC&C experience is Away Weekend! It’s a great time to celebrate a year of successful work, experience a new place/activities, relax and to bond with your colleagues in a non-corporate setting."

Radhika, Associate Consultant

"Be structured in your application and during the interview – leveraging your own experiences where relevant to show broader commercial awareness goes a long way."

Shantanu, Consultant

"I applied to the OC&C internship without knowing much about strategy consulting, and turned up on my first day of the summer internship with no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a great experience and I'm still here several years later!"

Mansi, Associate Consultant

"If you think you are interested in Consulting, my advice would be to not over-think and hit the apply button! It’s easy to think that you need to be a finished product before you apply."

Thanusan, Associate Consultant

"Never doubt yourself – you will meet some of the smartest people you will ever meet at OC&C, but you should use that to empower yourself and soak up as much knowledge as possible."

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