Meet our women

Hear what some of the women from across our international offices have to say about their backgrounds prior to joining OC&C, what they like to get up to in their free time and their advice to those applying to join us.

“Take the time to work out and explore what you are interested in – you never know where you will land, but will be grateful for the experience that got you there," Evie, Associate Consultant

Prerna, Consultant

"An authentic problem solving approach and genuine curiosity is a common thread among successful candidates."

Anna, Associate Consultant

"My advice to someone applying to OC&C would be to think calmly and logically about the questions you're asked. Your interviews are meant to be an interesting conversation about business problems you're likely to solve at OC&C so try and enjoy them!"

Ana, Associate Consultant

"In my second week of training we got to go to Chicago for International Training Week which was pretty cool! It was great meeting so many people from various offices so early on and getting to know other people from my peer group in an outside-the-office context."

Veronica, Partner

"I worked as a strategy consultant at Monitor Group after I got my MA in Economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the USA."

Antonia, Consultant

"I love when the whole firm gets together, especially when we have a chance to interact with those from the other international offices. ITW and Away Weekend are definitely my favourite experiences in that regard."

Joanne, Associate Consultant

"Always reach out for help when you have questions – there’s always someone who knows how to solve the problems in a better / quicker way and they are happy to offer a helping hand."

Lucy, Associate Consultant

"I graduated with a degree in Modern Languages and Management Studies from Cambridge University in 2017, before taking c.9months out to travel around China, Cuba and a couple of other places."

Griffin, Executive Assistant

"I would tell my younger self that being young or a woman does not lessen your ability. Don’t be scared to step up to the plate, because you are more capable than you think!"

Yuxin, Consultant

"My favourite OC&C experience is the France away weekend held in a magnifique chateau near Paris. We got a very delicious Lebanese dinner cooked by a professional chef, a partner and a passionate colleague."

Claire, Associate Partner

"I came in as a fresh-faced graduate, almost straight after getting my BA in PPE at Oxford University. But I did use the signing bonus and the 6 months OC&C let me take before starting to go travelling in South America."

Laura, Associate Partner

"I came to OC&C in one of our graduate intakes, having studied modern languages at Cambridge University. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at all, and strategy consulting & OC&C seemed like a good place to start."

Felicity, Associate Partner

"From a project perspective my favourite moments are always at the start – getting our heads around what the problem or question is, and the end - presenting a clear view of what the client should do next– and having them agree with us (sometimes after convincing)."

Holly, PA

"Four years and two promotions later I am now currently a Personal Assistant to 10 wonderful Consumer Associate Partners!"

Rebecca, Consultant

"Applying for jobs can be pretty overwhelming, but you don’t necessarily need to get stuck worrying about where you might end up in 10-20 years. If you’re interested in how things work and problem solving from critiquing data to identifying a better way to do thing, then consulting at OC&C is a pretty good place to start!"

Renelle, Marketing Officer

"I studied BA Fashion Marketing at the University of Northampton. I have worked in a range of industries from tech to entertainment, fashion and beauty."

Simin, Associate Consultant

"The interview process is fun and practical, so just get prepared and relax, and then enjoy it!"

Vicky, Consultant

"What makes OC&C such an enjoyable place to work is the interesting and engaging people – so during the application process we want to get to you know as a person, not just learn about your academic knowledge and experience!"

Abby, Associate Consultant

"Whilst performing well in an interview is really important, take the time to find out whether the job is really for you."

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