Felicity, Associate Partner

What was your background prior to joining OC&C?

2 years at a huge consultancy (Accenture) and 3 years at a tiny boutique strategy house – before finding one just the right size (OC&C). Prior to that I studied PPE at Oxford and then took a year out to travel. I worked out pretty early on that what I really liked was variation – so consulting was the right career for me.

What’s your favourite OC&C experience?

Too many to mention, from a social aspect probably my first away weekend on my second week where I fell head first into 200 people determined to have the most fun possible (repeated every year since – but now I expect it). From a project perspective my favourite moments are always at the start – getting our heads around what the problem or question is, and the end - presenting a clear view of what the client should do next– and having them agree with us (sometimes after convincing).

What do you like to get up to in your free time outside of the office?

When I’m not travelling (taking advantage of our unpaid leave allowance which nearly everyone uses!), then great food and drink. I’m signed up to a sommelier course so always keen to drive a bit more knowledge on wine – although currently on hold as I’m pregnant!

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Do what you find interesting (or will find interesting) – prioritise that above everything else!

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