Ankul Wangoo

Associate Partner

Ankul Wangoo has over 10 years of consulting experience at OC&C

With a focus on consumer internet, online marketplaces, media and education, he has experience working with 50+ clients on corporate strategy and due diligence engagements across these sectors primarily in the UK, Europe and US.

A particular focus has involved working closely with online classified and marketplace businesses through a rapidly evolving landscape including the development of “Classifieds 2.0” models, the growth of C2C transactional marketplaces as well as the emergence of multi-geography B2B / auction based marketplaces. In this space, Ankul has supported corporates in their long term strategic growth ambitions and investors looking to invest in high growth models, as well as working on multiple thought pieces in the space



Istruzione e esperienza precedente

Ankul joined OC&C in 2012 and has spent his 10 year career with us, with 5 years as part of the TMT sector. He has a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Cambridge University.


  • TMT

Pubblicazioni correlate

venerdì 15 dicembre 2023

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