Reaction time

How FM players must respond to new technologies and new competitors

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016


The Global FM market has entered a period of significant change

  • Savvier, more aggressive buyers are fuelling a healthy M&A landscape
  • New entrants are making significant moves, with CBRE’s £1.1bn acquisition of Johnson Control’s Global Workplace Solutions just one of over 40 acquisitions in 2015 alone
  • New technologies like the Internet of Things have the potential to disrupt whole swathes of the industry

Digital technology in particular presents incumbent FM providers with both challenges and opportunities

  • Challenge: Digitally-led new entrants will challenge long-standing business models that rely on an increasingly outdated approach to service delivery
  • Opportunity: Longer-lasting, more lucrative, well defended client relationships for those that embrace the goldmine of today’s data-rich FM contract
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