A generation without borders

Embracing Generation Z

lunedì 21 gennaio 2019


As the newest generation emerges onto the consumer landscape, myth and misconception dominates the discourse about Generation Z. Will they kill the high street or save the environment? Will they ever look up from their phones?

OC&C’s landmark study, ‘A generation without borders’ cuts through the noise and provides actionable insights for brands, retailers and employers. From customer segmentations to brand stories, product strategies to peer-to-peer marketing, our report looks at the impact these youngest consumers will have and what it really means to embrace Generation Z.

Our insights cover Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, UK and the US, and several consumer sub-sectors, including; apparel, beauty, grocery, alcohol and eating out. In addition to quantitative survey-based research which involved 15,500 respondents, bespoke discussion panels for Gen Zers aged 16 to 20 in the UK, US and China were used to understand these consumers in even greater detail.

This inaugural report on Generation Z, was conceived, designed and developed by OC&C Strategy Consultants. OC&C were supported by Viga who provided the global quantitative survey panel and platform to deliver our data-driven insights.

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