Nurturing Customer Loyalty in China

Principles to Build Loyalty in China

mercoledì 10 maggio 2023


Chinese consumers are hugely committed to loyalty programs, with two thirds of Chinese residents enrolled in 15+ programmes, and 80%+ willing to pay for an enhanced Membership product.

For retailers, leisure operators and brands the benefits of a strong loyalty proposition are clear - 60% of those enrolled are more likely to recommend the company, purchase more frequently, and engage with the brand more.

Loyalty discounts are important across categories, while experience and service enhancements are critical in travel and luxury. In retail and lower margin businesses, this poses the question of how to create sufficient perceived value as to engage Chinese consumers – at an affordable cost.

Our new China Loyalty league table highlights global brands such as Nike, Chanel and Estee Lauder getting this right in China – alongside some homegrown champions, led by Ctrip in Travel and in ecommerce.

We’ve put together 6 principles for nurturing customer loyalty in China.


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