Steve Cantin

Senior Leadership

Seasoned strategic and operational improvement advisor with real-world corporate experience.

Steve has 15 years of strategy and management consulting experience both at OC&C, EMC and Dell Technologies, where he ran internal consulting teams.  During the Dell acquisition of EMC, Steve’s team played a key role in developing and launching the revenue and cost synergy plans for the $67B merger.

He has functional experience in a range of topics including growth strategy, customer segmentation, M&A due diligence support, post-acquisition cost/revenue synergies, pricing strategy and optimisation, and sales force effectiveness. 

He has worked extensively in IT hardware & software, B2B information and publishing businesses including legal, financial, GRC, education, and services businesses.   

Education & Prior Experience

  • Dartmouth College: BA Economics (Hons)
  • EMC Corporation internal strategy consulting
  • Dell Technologies internal strategy consulting
"Sound strategy is the combination of clear strategic thinking, decisive and communicative leadership, and robust operational follow-through."

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