LGBT Network

Our LGBT network supports OC&C as a place that attracts, supports, and respects LGBT professionals. Incorporating both LGBT employees and allies, the group arranges global networking events during our International Training Week and talks from prominent LGBT role models, and has established a mentor system to provide advice and support for those who seek it. Socially, the network organizes regular social events for members, giving employees the opportunity to meet outside the office in a more informal setting, as well as arranging events with groups from other consultancies.

We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Just Like Us – a charity enabling LGBT+ young adults to go back into schools to run events and share personal accounts of their experiences. This is a vital opportunity to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools. We hope the skills, training and other support that OC&C shares with JLU will help LGBT+ young people to feel confident and supported within their communities.

If you have any questions about the LGBT network please get in touch at:

“It’s fantastic to work in an environment where I feel so welcome as an LGBT individual because it allows me to flourish and be the best that I can be” Chessy, Consultant

Michael, Partner

“As the former Worldwide Managing Partner of OC&C, I have always aspired for this firm to be a place where people can be the best version of themselves. From my own experience of being gay, I know that you perform at your peak when you can be open and relaxed about who you are. Our LGBT network celebrates the diversity of all the people who make OC&C special.”

Tom, Global Head of Staffing and Talent Development

“Helping to setup the LGBT network has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done since joining the firm. The buy in and commitment to making it work throughout the organisation has been great to see, and ensures that people feel comfortable being open about their sexuality and gender identity in the office from the moment of joining. In addition our partnership with Just Like Us allows us to support the next generation of LGBT leaders, something that’s been very rewarding to get involved with.”

Duncan, Manager

“Something that really stands out for me about OC&C is one’s freedom to get involved in shaping how the firm to develops, in numerous ways. It’s been a real pleasure to play a part in building and growing the LGBT network, and the engagement with the network across all levels of the firm proves how committed OC&C is to nurturing an inclusive and comfortable environment for all employees.”

Jan, Associate Partner

“As a Manager, it’s important to me that my team can be themselves at work and enjoy what they do – only then will we succeed at delivering the best insights to our clients, and making OC&C more than just a place to work. The LGBT network is an important part of this; it provides both a home & support for members, as well as a forum for ally engagement that helps to raise LGBT awareness in the firm and beyond.”

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