Pro bono consulting

Our pro bono social impact work focuses on areas where we can leverage our expertise, and on the social and environmental issues and challenges that matter most to our staff.

Read on to find out how we operate, who our key partners are, and the types of social impact projects that our staff have worked on.

We boast a proud history of putting our skills, resources and expertise to work to maximise our positive societal impact

Focus areas

We are focused on four key areas, as voted for, and selected by, our staff:

  1. Environment and Sustainability
  2. Education and Training
  3. Children and Youth
  4. Mental health

How we operate

We have a dedicated pro bono committee, comprised of 14 staff from a range of tenures, backgrounds, and roles, who help to ensure our pro bono work is as impactful as possible. Our committee help to select our partners, scope projects, track impact and organise other initiatives with our charity partners.

We aim to run around 3-4 strategic support projects for our key partners each year, alongside other initiatives such as hackathons. In addition, we also provide ad hoc strategic support to organisations where we feel our expertise can be leveraged to deliver real impact.

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