Mark Jannaway

Senior Leadership

With over 20 years consulting experience, Mark’s expertise lies in Financial Services, Automotive Services and Logistics industry verticals with a particular interest around BPO business models.

He also has a strong functional expertise in outsourcing and third party cost management having represented the buyers of these services many times.

Within Financial Services he has deep experience in Specialty Finance; Loan Servicing & Collections and Insurance.  OC&C have built a deep area of expertise and insight around the c.8 million “non-conforming” customers in the UK across all forms of credit.  A second area of focus has been the digital disruption in the Insurance industry especially in distribution plus the regulatory changes impacting areas such as claims management.

His Automotive experience spans all non-manufacturing elements of the value chain including Breakdown Services, Contract, Hire & Leasing, Dealerships, Service, Maintenance & Repair Workshops, Vehicle Rental and Vehicle Disposals.  Working for many of the leading brands in the space, the focus has been on disruptive business models to win share as both consumer and corporate attitudes to vehicles change over time.

Mark advises both owners and investors in these businesses.

Beyond OC&C, Mark supports a leading Children's Charity in the UK, is a keen golfer and invests in small start ups in his industries of interest.

Education & Prior Experience

  • MarchFIRST (formerly Mitchell Madison Group) 
  • British Gas Global 
  • Oxford University: Engineering, Economics and Management
"Any business which is an alternative to the public sector having to deliver more services is an interesting place to play."

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